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Scottsdale Urinating In Public Lawyer

Why Does Scottsdale Consider It A Crime To Urinate In Public

While it is against the law throughout Arizona to urinate in public, Scottsdale is one of the very few cities that strictly enforce the law. Instead of there being a specific Arizona law defining Urinating in Public, municipalities are left to enact their own version of Urinating in Public Law. Scottsdale’s Urinating in Public law can be found under Scottsdale City Code 19-19A. All Scottsdale City Codes are petty offenses, and petty offenses are considered misdemeanors. This means, if you are convicted of Urinating in Public, you will have a misdemeanor conviction on your record.

Scenarios Our Lawyers Typically See

Most of our urinating public cases are all very similar. A client is leaving a bar or club, has to urgently go to the bathroom, can’t get back into the establishment, goes around the alley and urinates in a discreet place. The Scottsdale Police are lurking in the alleyways looking for people to cite for UIP. We have represented at least a thousand clients for urinating in public in Scottsdale. While there are times when we are presented with a unique scenario, 95% of the time, the facts are all very similar.

Common Questions For Scottsdale Urinating In Public Cases

Why Was I Arrested For Urinating In Public?

Scottsdale Police generally arrest people if they live out of State or out of Country. Being arrested has nothing to do with the strengths or weaknesses of your case, it’s just a Scottsdale policy.

The Police Didn’t See Me Urinating, How Can They Prove Their Case?

There are two types of evidence in criminal defense, direct and circumstantial evidence. Direct evidence is when the officer directly sees you urinate. Half of the time, Scottsdale Police will have direct evidence against a suspect. The other times, they have circumstantial evidence. This would be if the police saw a person stand in a position consistent with urinating, zip or adjust pants similar to how one would do after urinating, then walk over to the scene and either see liquid around the area consistent with urinating or drops of liquid on the suspect’s pants.

There Is No Way The Police Saw Me Urinate, How Can They Prove It?

All Scottsdale Police Officers have body cameras. The camera will show them approach a subject and have a discussion about a UIP investigation. If the video shows a subject is impaired, they will have zero credibility in the eyes of the judge. This means, even if you don’t believe the officer saw you, because you were impaired, the judge will believe the police officer over you, almost one hundred percent of the time.

I Don’t Live In Arizona, What Should I Do?

If you don’t live in Arizona, hiring a lawyer is essential to not only fight the legal aspect of your case, but help manage the logistics. Our attorneys can handle your entire case without you having to physically appear at Scottsdale Court. At most, there will be a telephonic appearance on your end.

What Are The Possible Outcomes Of The Case?

There are few different possibilities. First, with all cases we handle, it’s our ideal outcome to have your case completely dismissed. We won’t be able to determine the possibility of a dismissal until we receive your police report and watch the body camera. Second, if we cannot get your case dismissed, it’s possible we can negotiate a diversion program. The diversion program requires a few hours of community service or an online course. Once you complete, the case will be completely dismissed. More information on the Scottsdale Diversion Program can be found here. Finally, if you are convicted, you will have the criminal conviction on your record and will most likely just be ordered to pay a few hundred dollar fine.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawyer?

If you call around to any one of our competitors, you will be quoted several thousands of dollars. This is ludicrous, do not overpay an attorney to handle your Urinating in Public case. Our attorneys are in Scottsdale Court every single day – don’t believe us, ask the court staff. We guarantee our price is less than most of our competitors. There are no catches, and no hidden or surprise fees. If you hire a lawyer that charges more than us, you are paying too much.

I did a consult last week with a potential client for their Scottsdale UIP. When my assistant followed up with him, he decided to hire a law firm who charged $3,000 (I even know of a firm who charges $4,500 – that’s ridiculous). He felt that paying a higher price would result in a better outcome. I’ve been a criminal defense lawyer for a long time – I’ve represented close to a 1,000 (if not more) clients for Urinating in Public out of Scottsdale. I know what a lawyer can and cannot get away with. I know what’s a reasonable outcome and what’s not a reasonable. If a person wants to pay one of our overpriced competitors who says they will fully investigate the case, file pre-trial motions, get the case dismissed, etc., they are selling you a false bill of goods to justify their price. If you do decide to pay $3,000 or more for a Urinating in Public charge, I welcome you to call my office after the case has been resolved to let me know the outcome – I nearly guarantee it won’t be any different than what my law firm described to you at the outset.

Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer For My UIP Case?

Absolutely. We tell all potential clients the same thing. We have handled thousands of cases at Scottsdale Court. We are rated on of the top law firms in Arizona. Not hiring an experienced lawyer to navigate this case would be a mistake. resolving your case improperly could lead to long term lasting effects – your reputation and criminal history may be tarnished.

How Do I Get Started With Your Firm?

The process for hiring us at Scottsdale Lawyers is extremely easy. We will email you a representation agreement for an electronic signature. Once we receive your signed agreement, we can process an initial payment over the phone. Once we process the payment, it will take our paralegals no more than two hours to have your file set up. After your file has been set up, you will be emailed copies of our work product. The work product will have our attorney license numbers on each of the documents. We’ll keep you well-informed throughout the process.