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When people call my office to discuss their Criminal Trespassing Charge in Scottsdale, I can tell them what most likely happened without them even telling me their story. Why do I say this? Because, we have represented close to a thousand clients in Scottsdale for Criminal Trespassing and their stories are generally all the same – with a few exceptions.

First, I’ll go over the law. Essentially, it is illegal to remain on a person or business’ property after they have asked you to leave.  The Arizona law for criminal trespassing can be found at A.R.S 13-1502. Trespassing is a misdemeanor and is subject to mandatory fines, possible jail time and a criminal conviction on your record.

The story we routinely hear in Scottsdale is as follows: potential client was at a bar or club, either their party was asked to leave or they were. Once asked to leave they either refused to do so or tried re-entering to get a friend, cell phone, purse, or some other belonging.  When this happens, the bouncers immediately call Scottsdale Police. Scottsdale Police are typically on bike patrol and will be there in a few minutes to assess the situation.  If a suspect has been drinking, the police will automatically believe everything the bouncer has to say and will issue a citation or arrest for Criminal Trespassing.


How much experience does your law firm in have in Scottsdale?

Our attorneys are in Scottsdale every day of the week handing cases. While I could be wrong, I doubt there’s another private law firm that handles more Scottsdale cases than we do.

If I hire your law firm, what do I need to do?

Next to nothing. Once you hire us to fight your case, we take over and you will have very little involvement.

I don’t live in Scottsdale, will I have to come back?

Absolutely not. Once you hire us, we act as your personal representative. You will not have to worry about physically being in court. The amount of money you would spend flying, renting a car, taking time off work, hotel, etc. would be far more than what we would charge for your Trespassing case.

What happens if I don’t hire a lawyer?

We honestly couldn’t tell you. All of our clients have lawyers – we’re not sure what the route is or outcome would be without a lawyer. Hiring our law firm to represent you is less than you would think – don’t try to save a little bit of money and make matters worse for yourself.

I’ve never been in trouble before, can you help me get this off my record?

Absolutely, preventing clients from having a criminal conviction is what we do best.

Are you the law firm on the billboard?

Yes, we have several billboards throughout Arizona. We’ve become one of Arizona’s go to law firms for criminal defense and DUI cases. You can visit our main page here.

How can I hire your law firm?

Hiring our lawyers is incredibly simple. We can provide a free consultation over the phone. Our staff will send a representation agreement for an electronic signature. Once we process our payment, you will receive copies of work product, that has our attorney license number, within 2 hours being hired. If you live in Arizona, don’t fall for the trap of law firms who insist you come in only for them to give you a hard sale. We don’t do any of the high pressure sales tactics here. We’re honest and hard working lawyers. That’s why we’re rated one of the best law firms in Arizona and represent as many clients as we do.