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Our lawyers handle very serious cases, we are routinely hired to handle criminal speeding cases in Scottsdale.  While there are two scenarios in which a person can receive a criminal speeding ticket, we generally only deal with one of the scenarios at the Scottsdale City Court.  Because Scottsdale Court does not have jurisdiction over anything that takes place on the freeways, even if the freeway is in Scottsdale, getting cited for criminal speeding by a State Trooper, Sheriff’s Officer or even a Scottsdale Police officer who was driving on the freeway means your criminal speeding case will not be assigned to the Scottsdale City Court.  The scenario that we will see, however, is a person traveling more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit on a surface street within the City of Scottsdale.


Arizona is one of the few States that criminalizes a speeding ticket.  Many people make the false assumption that because they have no prior criminal history, the judge will easily drop it down to civil speeding. This is absolutely incorrect. In practicing law for many years, I have found that the approach to Criminal Speeding cases is different depending on the court the case has been assigned to AND how fast the person was allegedly traveling.

It’s important for us to set reasonable expectations at the outset of representation. For example, if we have a client or potential client who was accused of traveling 100 mph on Scottsdale Road, the likelihood of getting this case dismissed, reduced to civil speeding or permission to attend Defensive Driving School, is slim to none.  I would even feel very comfortable telling the person that this will not happen. The best case scenario for this person would be to hire us to negotiate the smallest consequence, i.e. a small fine.

If on the other hand, our client was traveling 30-40 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, this is when we can roll up our sleeve and negotiate a reduction to civil speeding or Defense Driving School. The benefit of Defense Driving School is that it will erase all points from your MVD record. It’s the cleanest outcome for a Criminal Speeding case.  The MVD will only allow a person to complete Defensive Driving School once a year, so if you have already completed it within the year, our focus will shift to negotiating a civil speeding ticket with the minimal fine – right around $400.

The overall benefit to both situations is that you will not have a criminal conviction on your record.  The problem with criminal speeding is that once you have it on your record, you cannot get it off.  Arizona Courts will not set aside a conviction.  I don’t know why. It doesn’t make sense.  This is why it is extremely important to hire a lawyer to negotiate Defensive Driving School or a reduction to Civil Speeding.  Because of our reputation handling cases at Scottsdale Court, we receive a tremendous amount of referrals within the legal community.  We are a law firm Arizona residents, as well as many other attorneys, trust.


Throughout this website, I have mentioned how reasonably priced our law firm is. The same applies to criminal speeding cases. We know people work hard for their money.  They want an experience and aggressive attorney at an affordable price.  They don’t want to pay for an attorney who is not returning their calls, takes Fridays off to play golf or is always on vacation. They want to hire a lawyer who they can trust will return their calls, be at the office, and go the extra mile to provide an exceptional outcome.  That’s where our attorneys come in.  We charge reasonable fees and provide customer service that is second to none.  As the owner of the firm, you have my promise that if given the opportunity to help with your Criminal Speeding case, we will go above and beyond in an attempt to deliver a satisfactory outcome.