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New Changes To Setting Aside Scottsdale Cases

Big news out of Arizona, effective August 27, 2021, with the exception of violent offenses and sex cases, nearly all criminal offenses can now be set aside. The specific law on Set Asides can be found at ARS 13-905. Please keep in mind, the Scottsdale Municipal Court does not handle serious offenses, including felony offenses. This means all criminal convictions handled at the Scottsdale Municipal Court can now be set aside.

There is no reason to have a misdemeanor criminal conviction affect your life any longer. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, Domestic Violence, Criminal Speeding, Urinating in Public, or any other case at Scottsdale Court, so long as you have paid your fines in full, are no longer on probation, in most cases, we can have your conviction set aside in as little as two weeks.

Get Your Scottsdale Conviction Set Aside

Our office prides itself on providing exceptional service to all members of the community. We’ve streamlined the process of set-asides and can effectively file our requests to the Scottsdale Court at a fraction of the price of our competitors. For our Scottsdale cases, we charge an affordable flat fee . To get started on your case, we just need your name and date of birth. With this general information, we can pull your case history from the Scottsdale Court’s website to gather your case number. Once we have your case number, we will quickly file a motion to have the conviction set aside and will have a response from the court within a few weeks of filing.

The process is easy, convenient, transparent and most importantly affordable. Don’t spend any more time with your conviction on your record. Let’s get started. Call us today at 480-674-0396 or send us an email to get started.