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Get Your Scottsdale Resisting Arrest Dismissed

Avoid A Resisting Arrest By Hiring The Right Lawyer

When you’re faced with a criminal charge, figuring out what to do can be a difficult decision. Do you keep it to yourself and try to find a lawyer online, do you tell your friends in hopes of them giving you sound advice, or do you keep it to yourself and try to handle the case on your own?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are researching your best options. I can tell you with a high level of certainty, choosing Scottsdale Lawyers to help with any criminal defense case you have at Scottsdale Court is the best decision you can make. Our attorneys have been trusted by thousands of clients to fight for them in their times of need.

The problem with representing yourself is you will have no one by your side. When you go to court, you will have a meeting with the prosecutor. The prosecutor may come across as very friendly and downplay the consequences in an attempt to have you plead guilty. You have to remember, the sooner the prosecutor can resolve cases, the easier their job is.

When you hire an experienced law firm, we slow things down to give us time to fully investigate your case, present an effective defense, and present mitigating factors that show our client is a good person who cannot have a criminal conviction on their record.

The Penalties For Being Convicted Of Resisting Arrest

A conviction for Resisting Arrest could carry significant penalties. Please keep in mind, prosecutors are an extension of law enforcement. Prosecutors and police officers are essentially co-workers. This means the prosecutor will typically take the side of the police officer. They will believe his word over yours. If you allegedly harmed the police officer, the prosecutor may be seeking revenge in court.

The Arizona law for Resisting Arrest can be found in A.R.S. 13-2508. A conviction will result in a fine, and possibly jail or probation. Your future is at stake. One wrong move in court by handling the case yourself or choosing an inexperienced attorney could lead to serious penalties. Don’t risk it – hire a lawyer with a proven reputation who will go to bat for you. You can trust the attorneys at Scottsdale Lawyers. We are passionate about criminal defense, respect our clients, and are always looking to fight the prosecutors in hopes of providing our clients with favorable outcomes.