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Scottsdale Public Consumption Of Alcohol Laws

Scottsdale Police Are Tough On Consuming Alcohol In Public

People go to Old Town Scottsdale at night to party. There are many different offenses our attorneys routinely handle involving the Scottsdale entertainment district. Surprisingly, the most common case we handle is Urinating in Public, followed by Public Consumption of Alcohol. The facts are pretty straightforward, if a police officer sees a person drinking alcohol in public, they will issue a citation or in some rare cases, will actually arrest them. Unlike many criminal cases, Public Consumption is defined in Title 4 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Title 4 governs most alcohol-related offenses. Once cited, you’ll have to go through the same criminal justice system that everyone else does when they’re cited or arrested for a criminal offense. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as paying a fine and moving on.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Public Consumption

The citing or arresting police officer will give you a first court date. You must attend this hearing, with no exceptions. People call us all the time asking if they can just call the court to pay the fine or if they cannot physically attend the first court date. What a lot of people don’t understand is, you may think receiving a ticket for drinking in public is informal, but there is still a formal process that you must take. You cannot just call the court. You will need to file a Motion or have an attorney file a Motion. Filing your own Motion, just like representing yourself, is a mistake. Navigating the criminal justice system is not easy.

Here’s the good news. Our attorneys have handled so many Scottsdale cases, we have simplified the process. When you hire our attorneys, you pretty much turn everything over to us. Aside from the possibility of calling in to attend your final court date, we will do everything for you. We’ll attend all the initial court dates, get the police report, negotiate with the prosecutor, and facilitate all the paperwork to ensure you will not have to physically appear in court. Don’t hire a lawyer who makes the process difficult or a lawyer that insists you go to their office to sit through a high-pressure sales pitch. Hire our attorneys. There’s no stress. We’re professional, polite, responsive and most importantly, will provide you with a great outcome.

Ready To Get Started On Your Case?

If you’re reading this page because you or a family member have been cited for Public Consumption of Alcohol, contact Scottsdale Lawyers for free legal advice. We’ll put you at ease, make sure you’re informed and give you the confidence knowing our team will help you get through this. Our ultimate goal is to prevent our clients from having a criminal conviction. We’ve achieved this goal for countless clients and look forward to accomplishing the same for you.