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Personal Injury And Car Accident Lawyer

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When a car accident occurs, there are so many things a person needs to take into consideration. The first interaction you have with the at-fault party could be pivotal in the overall outcome of a future personal injury case. It is my recommendation that as soon as you’re involved in a car accident, the police need to be called. This is important because there needs to be documentation of the incident. I can’t tell you how many times the police are not called and one person initially admits fault, but shortly after the insurance companies get involved, they start pointing the finger at the other party. If the police are called and determine fault, this is going to tremendously help our claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company.

If you think you are injured, I strongly encourage you to go to the emergency room or urgent care right away. The sooner you begin the process of seeking medical attention, the stronger case we have to show the insurance company that you have a legitimate injury and are seeking the proper medical attention. Also, if we can demonstrate that you need future medical care, we have a better chance of maximizing a settlement.

Once you receive a diagnosis from the urgent care or emergency room, our office can help guide you through the rest of the process, including seeking further medical treatment. If you need physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, we have a list of providers that work closely with our office to ensure that not only you will get the medical treatment you need, we will be able to submit proper medical documentation to the insurance company to fully support our claim. This means more money in your pocket.

One of the initial frustrations a person experiences when they are involved in a car accident is what to do with their vehicle. Sometimes, a rental car is not provided and our client’s car is no longer operable. The good news is, we can help with the property damage of your vehicle. We want you to concentrate on getting medical treatment and returning to work as soon as possible.

Hire A Lawyer Who Will Maximize Your Car Accident Case

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need to call our attorneys immediately. By hiring our lawyers right away, it shows the insurance companies that you are taking your insurance claim seriously. Not all lawyers are the same. The insurance companies have a running list of who is aggressive and who is not. We hold ourselves out as some of the most aggressive lawyers in the state of Arizona. We will fight tooth and nail, day, and night, to ensure you are receiving the highest dollar amount for your car accident case.

Oftentimes, clients who hire us have never gone through an insurance claim before. The question we routinely receive is whether or not we are going to charge if the insurance company does not provide a monetary settlement. The answer is, absolutely not. Our lawyers will never charge for our services, unless a claim is successfully processed by the insurance company. In the very rare occurrence that we are unsuccessful, we will charge you nothing. Even if we spend countless hours on the case.

The other benefit that our lawyers can provide, is, we can help reduce all of your medical expenses and resolve any possible medical liens that you have. When we do this, it indirectly put more money in your pocket.

Our office represents car accident clients throughout the entire state of Arizona. If you need help, our lawyers are a call away. Please contact Scottsdale Lawyers day or night for a free consultation.