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Paraphernalia Charge At Scottsdale Court

Paraphernalia Charge At Scottsdale Court

Now that marijuana is legal, we’re seeing fewer and fewer paraphernalia charges out of Scottsdale. However, possession of paraphernalia doesn’t just apply to marijuana, it also applies to many other legal and illegal drugs. The specific paraphernalia law can be found in A.R.S 13-3415. Paraphernalia charges are classified as misdemeanors and can be punished by jail or probation.

There are many things that can be considered paraphernalia. Generally, the charges fall under two scenarios. First, if there is a small amount of residue of any type of drug that cannot be analyzed or measured, a person may be charged with possession of paraphernalia. Second, if a person is arrested for possession of drugs (legal or illegal), any container the drugs were found in or the instrument used for consuming the drugs will be considered paraphernalia. A situation we routinely see in Scottsdale is a client getting arrested for possession of a prescription drug (illegal because they don’t have a Rx), the container (even if it’s a prescription bottle) that the prescription drugs were in would be considered paraphernalia.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Our number one goal for every case is to prevent our clients from having a criminal conviction on their record. There are three types of defenses to criminal cases: legal defenses, factual defenses and mitigation defenses. Legal defense is when we find our client’s Constitutional Rights were violated, for instance, an illegal search or when their Miranda Rights weren’t read. A factual defense is when there is doubt in the case. Doubt would be if the police didn’t properly test the drugs, lost evidence or maybe it was someone else’s paraphernalia. Finally, a mitigation defense means we present information to the judge as to why this was a mistake, will never happen again, a client has learned their lesson and ask that the case be dismissed after doing certain things like completing community service or attending awareness classes.

Choosing The Right Lawyer For Your Case

It is extremely important to hire the right lawyer to handle your case. We hear horror stories from people who hired a lawyer that was recommended to them by a family or friend. There are times when we follow up with a potential client and find out they hired a lawyer who we have never heard of. If we have never heard of them, chances, are they do not have anywhere near the level of experience we do. Here’s a good rule of thumb, if you’re searching for an attorney, look at how many reviews they have and visit their website. Our law firm is one of the highest-reviewed law firms in Arizona. If the attorney has an outdated website, chances are they have a small office with limited or possibly no other employees. What kind of customer support will this attorney be able to provide? Not only are we considered one of the top law firms in Scottsdale, but we are also one of the largest. You will receive a level of legal service that will be unmatched by any other firm. Contact our firm to learn more.