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Scottsdale Fake Id Lawyer

How Our Attorneys Can Help With Your Fake ID Case

Ever since Old Town Scottsdale introduced bars and clubs, people under 21 have tried to gain entrance by presenting fake IDs to the bouncers. Given today’s technology, it’s nearly impossible to replicate a driver’s license, which means one of two things. Either, someone provides a fake ID to the bouncer and the bouncer denies them entrance; or they present someone else’s real ID who looks like the underage person. In either scenario, a person can be cited for possession of a fake ID. Generally, when this happens, the bouncer will flag down a Scottsdale Police officer who is patrolling the area (they are everywhere in Old Town on a Friday or Saturday night) and the officer will take over the investigation.

What Could Be At Risk For A Fake ID Conviction

Because the only way a person can be cited for possession of a fake ID is if they are under 21, it means the citations are only given to young people who have the rest of their lives ahead of them. While not always, most of the time, our clients are in college. Many of them have never been in trouble with the law before, they have never had a legal interaction with a police officer, and have certainly never been to court. They are embarrassed about what happened and afraid to tell their parents. Even though this is a common charge, it needs to be handled appropriately.

While you certainly NEVER want to have a criminal conviction, you definitely do not want to have one at such a young age. We take the same proven approach to all of our fake ID cases – present as many mitigating factors as we possibly can demonstrate to the judge and prosecutor why our client deserves a second chance and cannot have a criminal conviction on their record. We work closely with clients to gather documents such as transcripts, personal statements and letters of recommendation. We want to give the Court our clients’ background stories and demonstrate that they are not just another defendant at the Scottsdale Court. We seek compassion, leniency and most importantly, avoid a criminal conviction

We have handled countless of these cases in Scottsdale. We have developed our approach over time and use it to our clients’ advantage.

Experienced Representation At An Affordable Price

If you’re reading this and think it is going to cost thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer to fight your case, you’re wrong. While many of our competitors charge excessive fees, we keep our fees affordable and offer flexible payment plans. We understand that our young clients have limited financial resources. We remember what it was like to be in their shoes – juggling school, work and trying to find a little time to be social. We want our younger clients to have access to quality legal representation and receive services from attorneys they can trust.

If you have possession of a Fake ID case at the Scottsdale Court, we at Scottsdale Lawyers are happy to provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 480-674-0396.