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Scottsdale Marijuana DUI Lawyer

Now that marijuana is legal, we are getting more and more calls for Scottsdale marijuana DUIs. While it’s legal to consume marijuana and drive, it is illegal to be impaired by marijuana and drive. In my experience, once the police pull a person over and smell marijuana, they are going to arrest them for a marijuana DUI. Here’s the good news, our lawyers are experienced in getting marijuana DUI cases reduced or dismissed. Most of the field sobriety tests conducted by police are not accurate in determining whether someone is impaired by marijuana. As soon as we are hired for a DUI case, our attorneys begin rolling up their sleeves. To properly assess the case, we need to obtain the police report, interview the police officer, and collect the videos of the event. Just because an officer smelled marijuana, does not mean you should let them get away with accusing you of being impaired. Scottsdale Police fabricate facts. Go to your case prepared by choosing our lawyers to fight your battle for you.

Avoid Jail Time For Your DUI

If you are convicted or enter into a plea agreement, the Scottsdale judge will sentence you to at least one day in jail. If this is your second DUI in 7 years, the judge will order up to 30 days in jail. Not only do you not want to be convicted for a DUI, you do not want to go to jail. Our attorneys are passionate about marijuana cases. We are prepared to take cases all the way to trial. We love attacking police officers’ credibility, demonstrating the inaccuracies in investigations, and proving how our clients were not impaired by marijuana. If you decide to hire our law firm, you will be impressed with how much time we will devote to your case and the lengths we will go to trying to provide you with a case dismissal. You will not be disappointed.