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Disorderly conduct can be one of the most frustrating charges a person could face. This is because there is no clear definition of what the law is. Arizona defines Disorderly Conduct in A.R.S. 13-2904 . The statute states that a person can be charged for Disorderly Conduct for just about anything. Essentially, Disorderly Conduct is nothing more than disrupting the peace of another. Where we consistently see this charge is when Scottsdale Police really have nothing else to charge a person with. Throughout the years, we have seen and heard almost every conceivable fact pattern imaginable. Based on the consults we do on a daily basis, below please find some of the more frequently asked questions about Disorderly Conduct.

Is your law firm affiliated with Matthew Lopez?

Yes, this website is a subsidiary of Matthew Lopez Law. You may recognize or billboard throughout Arizona. We are rated one of Arizona’s top criminal defense law firms. The reason we have separate site for our Scottsdale cases is because we handle hundreds of Scottsdale cases per year. While I may be making an assumption, I highly doubt there is another law firm that handles more Scottsdale cases than we do.

Can the Scottsdale Cops really cite for Disorderly Conduct when I was just yelling?

Yes. A person can be cited, and even arrested, for simply just getting into an argument with another person.

How can I be charged with Disorderly Conduct (Domestic Violence) if I didn’t even get into a physical fight with someone?

As mentioned, if the Scottsdale Police don’t have anything else to cite you for, they will issue a ticket for Disorderly Conduct even if you were just arguing with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. It will be labeled as Domestic Violence because of the relationship you have with the “victim.” If you are convicted of Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence, you will be placed on probation for a year and have to attend 6 months of Domestic Violence counseling. It is a significant time and financial drain.  This is one of the many reasons why you NEED TO HIRE A LAWYER for a Disorderly Conduct charge.

I have a great job that I’ll lose if I’m convicted, can you help me?

You’ve contacted the right firm. We have helped thousands of clients. There is not a story we haven’t heard. We deal with all types of cases. No case is too difficult for us. Let’s work together to get this Disorderly Conduct charge dismissed.

I’ve heard the more expensive the lawyer is, the better they are. Is this true?

This is absolutely false.  It pains me to hear the fees some of my colleagues charge. I find it hard to believe they can even find clients who will pay what they’re quoting. Don’t be tricked into paying a lawyer a high fee in hopes of a better outcome.  You work hard for your money, don’t waste it on a lawyer who just wants to keep a small practice because they may not enjoy running a business. We have a state of the art office, a full team of support staff and six lawyers at our office. If you hire us, you will have the peace of mind knowing you have a full team in place that will help you get through this situation.  I would never hire a lawyer who has their personal cell phone as their main number, who shares office space, rents from an executive suite or has a remote answering service.  You are facing real problems that need to be handled by a legitimate, reputable law firm.