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With this job, we’ve come to the understanding that good people occasionally make mistakes.  The mistakes are either alcohol induced or done in the heat of passion, i.e. an argument with your spouse or significant other. Making a mistake shouldn’t mean suffering the legal consequences forever. We firmly believe that everyone should be afforded a second chance. Unfortunately, often times, the courts don’t always share the same belief.  This is why, when cited or arrested for Criminal Damage, it is crucial to hire a lawyer.

There are many defense strategies we can take for Criminal Damage charges.  It’s possible the state lacks evidence. For example, if there was a group of people and only one person within the group damaged the property, how can the State prove that it was actually our client.  We need to show the State that it could have been any one of several people and show that if the case were to go to trial we would win by creating reasonable doubt.

We can present mitigating information to the State by showing that the damage has been repaired, that our client has no prior criminal history, that this was a one-time mistake and that it will never happen again. If we can demonstrate remorse and acceptance of responsibility, we may be able to get the case dismissed.

Finally, if the Criminal Damage was labeled as Domestic Violence due to the relationship between the accused the victim, we can take the position that this was an argument that escalated and it was a one time dispute that arose out of a heat of passion.

As you can see, there are many different defenses to be made for Criminal Damage. It’s not a one size fits all type of case.  The good news, our attorneys have a tremendous amount of experience at Scottsdale Court. We are accustomed to dealing with the different judges and prosecutors. There are different approaches that need to be taken depending on which prosecutor your case is assigned to.


Not hiring a lawyer for your Criminal Damage charge is a big mistake.  We handle these cases all day, every day. We know the ins and outs – the approach to take to ensure you are getting the best outcome.  Without a lawyer, you will undoubtedly be left in the dark.

If you are on the fence about hiring an attorney, consider what’s at stake if you’re convicted. Criminal Damage is a misdemeanor in Arizona, punishable by jail time, fines, and probation.  I’m going to give you the same advice I would if you were my family member or friend, you need the protection of a private criminal defense lawyer. Don’t roll the dice and leave your future to chance.