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$100 Off All DUI & Criminal Defense Cases

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Firm News is a new law firm in Scottsdale that is affiliated with Matthew Lopez Law. Matthew Lopez Law has been around since 2010. during this time, the lawyers at Matthew Lopez Law have received countless awards for representing thousands of clients for their DUI and criminal defense cases. Matthew Lopez Law handles cases throughout the entire state of Arizona. Our lawyers have been to literally every single court within Arizona. In 2022, Matt Lopez decided to open a law firm that exclusively handles Scottsdale DUI and Criminal Defense cases. He thought bringing the overall customer service that has been provided to clients by Matthew Lopez Law would be invaluable to members of the Scottsdale community, as well as tourists visiting the Scottsdale area.

It has been Matt’s philosophy since the inception of his law firm that his lawyers will always provide clients with the best possible legal representation at the most affordable prices. Matt noticed that many of the law firms in Scottsdale are solo lawyers. These lawyers significantly take advantage of the Scottsdale demographic and charge of obscene amounts of money for services that should not be priced that high . Matt believes these lawyers’ pricing structures are taking advantage of Scottsdale residents, and people who are enjoying our beautiful city. For these reasons, Matt has implemented the same pricing structure of Matthew Lopez Law. He stands true to his core value of providing exceptional legal representation at an affordable price.

$100 Off All DUI And Criminal Defense Cases

To celebrate the opening of, we are offering a promotion to all of our new clients. If you need Criminal Defense or DUI representation, mention this ad during your consult and you will receive $100 off our services. Please note, unlike some of the lawyers who charge for their consult, our consult are always free. Another important thing for you to remember is, many of our competitors within the Scottsdale area use sales people who are not lawyers. We do not believe that hiring a lawyer should be similar to buying a car. When you schedule a consultation with our law firm, you will meet with a licensed attorney in the state of Arizona. They will not give a high-pressure  sales pitch. They will simply educate you on the process, go over your case and discuss how we can best help.

We are beyond excited to bring our award-winning legal representation to Scottsdale. We firmly believe that having an experienced law firm like ours in the heart of Scottsdale is going to completely change the way criminal defense and DUI cases are handled.