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Reasonably Priced Lawyer For A DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | DUIs

You would be surprised how many consultations our law firm does with people who called other lawyers throughout Arizona and are sticker shocked as to what they charge for a DUI. I just got off the phone with somebody who was quoted by one of my colleagues $7,500 to handle their Scottsdale case. In my opinion, that lawyer is absolutely insane to charge somebody that kind of money . There’s no reason to pay thousands of dollars for DUI representation when you can get quality representation for substantially less.

One of the questions I routinely receive is, if I pay more doesn’t that mean that I’ll receive better service. That is definitely not the case when it comes to criminal defense. Let me let you in on a little secret that many solo practitioner lawyers do not want to be shared. The only reason they charge $7500 or $9000 for a DUI case is because they want a very easy quality of life. They know that if they quote these high fees, at least once a month, somebody will pay for it. If they have one person a month who is willing to pay this exorbitant fee, they can make a decent living and not worry about the stress of a high-volume law practice.

My office however has seven lawyers. We are a very high volume law practice. In fact, we are one of the busiest criminal defense DUI law firms in Arizona. My attorneys are assigned to cases geographically. That means that I have one attorney who only handles Scottsdale and Tempe cases. I have one lawyer who only handles Mesa and Gilbert cases. I have one lawyer who only handles Chandler and Eastside cases. You get the point, when you are as large as we are, I can assign lawyers to very specific courts and concentrate their law practice only on those courts. For these reasons, we can charge significantly less for a DUI than our competitors.

The other nice thing about my firm is we do not do any high-pressure sales tactics. We will never insist that you come in to meet with us in person so we can pressure you into hiring us. When you call her office we will give you very honest and direct legal advice. Our DUI representation is a fraction of the price of our competitors, and includes the motor vehicle division, fully investigating your case, and filing any necessary pretrial motions. When you hire our law firm to defend you for a DUI case, expect to receive exceptional representation.

Don’t fall trap to some of our competitors who charge excessive fees for DUI cases. Read our reviews to see why we are rated one of the top DUI law firms in all of Arizona. We do not cut corners, we do not compromise on the level of service that we provide clients, and we are as aggressive if not more aggressive than other law firms.