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Get Your Arizona DUI Expunged

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | DUIs

With recent changes to the Arizona law, it is relatively easy to get a DUI case expunged. Although Arizona does not have a complete expungement, we do Offer what’s called a conviction set a side. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Scottsdale or anywhere in Arizona, we can easily have a conviction set aside within a matter of a couple of weeks.

There are several law firms out there who charge thousands of dollars for this process. Charging thousands of dollars for a set aside is outrageous. For most DUI cases within Maricopa county, our law firm charges a reasonable fee of $500.

Our law firm works so efficiently, that we are typically able to have a set-aside filed with the court the same day we are hired. It will take the judge anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to rule on our motion. So long as all of the fines, community service, probation period, or any other portion of the sentence has been fulfilled, we have a very high success rate of getting convictions set aside.

There’s no reason to have a DUI conviction, or any other conviction, haunt you for the rest of your life. I just did a consultation with a young lady whose criminal conviction was preventing her from getting an apartment. There is no reason for this. If you have a conviction in the state of Arizona. Our lawyers can discuss the best approach of getting the conviction set aside. The benefit of our firm is we have done this hundreds if not thousands of times, we know exactly what to do, and you should trust knowing that you have a team of hard-working lawyers looking out for your best interest.

In most situations, we can have the set aside ruled on without you ever having to go to court, or participate in the process. Having a conviction set aside will give you a sense of relief knowing that you have taken the appropriate steps to clean up your criminal history. If you need a DUI conviction set aside, call our office for a free consultation. As mentioned, we can have the seller side filed with the court the same day we are hired.