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Attorney For Country Thunder Underage Drinking Cases

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Firm News

Once a year, people from all over the Country flock to Florence, Arizona to attend a several day festival called Country Thunder. If you have never been, it is in the middle of nowhere. Although the festival is a lot of fun, our office sees a significant spike in criminal defense cases during this weekend . If you’ve been arrested for any type of offense at Country Thunder, call our lawyers to find out how we can best help you. Even though the title of this article is Underage Drinking, we represent people for all types of criminal defense cases. The reason, however, I decided to write a blog on underage drinking, is we see more of these cases coming out of Country Thunder than any other case.

Arizona Country Thunder Lawyer

The benefit of hiring in our office to represent you for a criminal defense case, is that we have a tremendous amount of experience and the resources to represent clients all over the entire State of Arizona. For our clients who received an underage drinking charge at Country Thunder, most likely they do not live in Florence. Our clients are either college students at Arizona State University, or maybe they came from out of state to attend this festival. In any situation, we will most likely be able to resolve the entire case without our clients having to go to court. For a very reasonable price, you will know that an attorney who has handled thousands of underage drinking cases will ensure that your case gets handled properly.

Not only is there a legal benefit in having a lawyer, we can save you the hassle of having to travel to court. Frequently, I receive the questions from our clients, “Would it look better if I attend the hearing with you?” Well this is a fair question and I understand where they’re coming from.  When you have a private defense lawyer, the judge or the prosecutor will have no idea whether you were at court. We are acting as your personal representative. That means that we are obligated to handle every aspect of your case, relieving you from all sense of liability at court.

In most cases, for underage drinking charges, we are able to negotiate what’s called a diversion program. If we are successful at negotiating this program for you, it means that you will be required to attend an online alcohol education course and possibly pay a small fine. Once you complete the requirements, the benefit of the program is that your case will be completely dismissed, this means, you will not have a criminal conviction on your record.

Because we’ve handled so many of these cases, we have seen nearly every conceivable scenario you could possibly imagine. We know that when something happens that may jeopardize the likelihood of getting our clients into a diversion program, what we will need to do to circumvent the scenario. There is a tremendous benefit in having an attorney for all types of cases, but we highly recommend having an attorney for an underage drinking case. You do not want to brush this off as something that’s not a big deal, and further down the road it comes back to haunt you when your background check is conducted and you have a criminal conviction on your record.

I’m fairly confident that we are more reasonably priced than pretty much any other law firm in  Arizona. Think of hiring our law firm as an investment in your future. If we can get you into the diversion program and get the case dismissed, the underage drinking charge should not carry any form of long term effect.

If you need assistance with an underage drinking case or any type of criminal defense case that stemmed from Country Thunder, please do not hesitate to call our office day or night at 480-674-0396