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ARS 28-701 Criminal Speeding

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Speeding

Receiving a citation or being arrested for criminal speeding or excessive speeding is such a pain in the neck and is unnecessary, at least in my opinion. ARS 28–701 is the law when it comes to criminal speeding charges in Arizona. The law, or as we call it the statute, criminalizes anyone who was allegedly traveling faster than 20 mph over the posted speed limit or greater than 85 mph on the highway. It’s absurd that somebody actually has to go to court to defend themselves for a speeding ticket. If you are unsure how the police officer cited you, check your citation. Next to the Count A or Count One, depending on the agency that issued a citation, you will see 28-701, and you will also see two checkboxes. There will be one checkbox for civil and another for criminal. Sometimes, a decent police officer will cut a person a break and simply issue them a ticket for civil speeding even though they could have issued a ticket for criminal speeding.

28-701 Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you call around to other law firms, I guarantee they will quote you thousands of dollars to handle a case like this, or there are some law firms that won’t even take a criminal speeding charge. When you search for an attorney online who advertises themselves as a criminal defense lawyer, this could mean several different things. It could mean they only handle serious felony cases, it could mean they only handle DUI cases, or it could even mean that they only handle cases in a very specific court.

My office is one of Arizona’s largest criminal defense law firms. We are not selective on the types of cases that we handle or the courts that we handle cases in. In my opinion, you cannot hold yourself out as a criminal defense lawyer and tell potential clients that you’re not interested in taking their case for whatever reason. Handling criminal speeding cases is something that we do on a very regular basis. We charge a nominal fee, provide excellent results, and will get started the same day we are hired.

When you hire our law firm to represent you for a ARS 28–701 Criminal speeding case, you should expect that we will do everything possible to either get the case dismissed, reduced to civil speeding, or allow you to attend defensive driving school. Completing defensive driving school means that your case will be completely dismissed. This is a great outcome.

One other very important piece of advice that I give to anyone who is looking for a criminal speeding attorney, or any other criminal defense attorney for that matter is, if you are calling a law firm and you have to leave a voicemail, or it sounds like you’re speaking with an answering service, that is going to be a reflection of the service you will continue to receive throughout the course of representation. Because of our size, we have several receptionists, paralegals, law clerks, and attorneys who will all be working on your file and striving to provide exceptional results. When you call my office during the week, you will always speak with a full-time employee. Even if you need our help on the weekends, we will always have an attorney on call who would be more than happy to provide free advice concerning your criminal speeding charge.

We have literally helped thousands of people for criminal and excessive speeding. We know exactly how to handle these cases. It is not worth trying to save just a little bit of money when we can provide you on average with a result that is much better than any other results you would be able to provide yourself. Also hi will guarantee that the level of service that you receive for your speeding ticket case from my law firm, will exceed any other level of service that you would receive from any other law firm in the state of Arizona.

Please do not wait until the last minute or the day before your court date to hire a attorney to help with your case. The sooner we can get started on your criminal speeding case, the better chance we have at getting you the outcome that you expect. Let’s work together to get your criminal speeding charge dismissed.