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A Law Firm Who Will Visit A Person In Jail

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Firm News

I just finished my morning by visiting one of my clients in jail. We understand that people get arrested all hours of the day and night. It surprises me how many lawyers are out there who are solo practitioners with very limited office hours. I tell potential clients to be careful about solo practitioners. The reason why I believe it’s advantageous to hire a law firm with multiple lawyers, is we have more resources to help our clients than people who are just a one person operation. For instance, we have seven lawyers who rotate nights and weekends on call. This means, if a person were to get arrested at night or on the weekend, we have a lawyer who will visit them to make the initial appearance hearing. Good luck getting that same level of service with a solo practitioner. I know a lot of lawyers, most of whom are solo practitioners. The reason why they work for themselves is because they want a lot a flexibility with their job. Meaning, they want to take off whenever they want and they do not want the structure of a traditional 8 to 5 job. Working with somebody who’s got a flexible schedule may be fine for some people, but most of our clients who are in a difficult situation need a lawyer who will always be available for them.

If you are a family member or a loved one of a person who was arrested, we understand that you are stressed. You do not want your loved ones being in jail alone and you certainly don’t want them seeing a judge without proper representation. Not having a lawyer at your initial appearance is a huge mistake. When you hire our attorneys to appear at the initial appearance, we will begin developing a working relationship with our client, and we will make the arguments to the judge that our client needs to immediately be released. Once they get released from jail, they will be with their family and we can start working more closely to develop an effective defense. Jail is not a place where a person should spend more time than they have to. If you want an attorney who is serious about their job, works tirelessly to ensure their clients are protected and receive exceptional legal representation, you need to speak with the attorneys at our law firm.