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Scottsdale Open Container Of Alcohol Lawyer

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Firm News

If you’ve ever been to a club or bar in Scottsdale, you would know how expensive the drinks are.  Because people either like to save a little bit of money or want to “pre-party,” it’s very common for them to leave their ride share or car drinking an alcoholic beverage.  While Scottsdale may feel like Vegas, unfortunately it’s still illegal to consume alcohol in public. When officers see people drink in public, they will either issue a citation/arrest for public consumption or open container.

Scottsdale Open Container Laws

The other scenario we routinely see for Open Container is if someone is pulled over for DUI and they have open bottles of alcohol in their vehicle.  People ask me all the time whether it is illegal to have an empty can or bottle of alcohol in their car while they are transporting it to recycle or to throw away. I’ve been a lawyer since 2010, have represented tens of thousands of clients, and can tell you I’ve never seen a police officer issue a citation for Open Container that didn’t involve a DUI, people under 21 drinking in a car or someone drinking alcohol in a street/parking garage.  I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I’ve never seen it.  If I’ve never seen it, I doubt the police ever cite under that scenario.

Because our lawyers are at Scottsdale Court every day, our clients receive two tremendous advantages. First, I’m doubtful there is another law firm in Arizona that handles as many Scottsdale criminal defense cases as us. We’ve seen nearly every single conceivable case and fact pattern out of Scottsdale.  We know Scottsdale Court like the back of our hand – this is why the name of this website is .  Second, and this is very important,  because we are Scottsdale Court every day, we can charge less than most any other law firm. The only reason our competitors charge more is because they can’t be at more than one court at once. Charging more limits the size of their practice.  When you hire our office, you are essentially hiring a lawyer whose primary job is to handle Scottsdale cases.  I wouldn’t waste your money paying an overpriced law firm who wants to just handle a few cases and periodically handles cases in Scottsdale.  When you hire us, you will have the piece of mind knowing you’re hiring a law firm with Scottsdale Municipal Court experience.

If you have an Open Container of Alcohol case at the Scottsdale Municipal Court, I am confident our office can provide an outcome that you will be happy with.  If you need our help, our consults are free. We will make the entire process easy and affordable for you.