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Lawyers Open On The Weekend

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Firm News

We understand that people need legal advice all hours of the day. Think about it, most people get arrested at night or on the weekend.  I can’t believe how many law firms are only open Monday – Friday, 8-5. Believe it or not, I even know some lawyers who take Fridays off.  If you need legal help, is this they type of lawyer you want? Do you want a lawyer who puts their free time ahead of fighting for their clients? Probably not. I guarantee, if you hire one of these lawyers, the level of service you will continue receiving will be the same as their work schedule.  They will return your calls and emails only when it’s convenient for them, not when it’s urgent for you.

Lawyer Open Nights and Weekends

The only way to be one of Arizona’s leading criminal defense and DUI law firms is to always be available. We have live employees answering our phones 24/7, 365.  If you need legal advice, you will be able to speak with one of our lawyers at night or on the weekend. If you or a family member got arrested and need one of our lawyers to meet them in jail or help with their Initial Appearance, no problem, our lawyers can help.

I did a consult today for a client who unfortunately was arrested late in the night. He called one of our competitors who answered in the middle of the night. Our competitor quoted him $30,000 for a misdemeanor. I won’t mention who this law firm is, but in my opinion, they are crooks.  It doesn’t matter if you call our law firm day, night or on the weekend, our quotes will always be the same. We pride ourselves on being on the top, most affordable law firms in Arizona.

If you’re reading this after traditional business hours, don’t feel like you’re bothering us if you call. That’s why we’re here. We want our potential clients to be comfortable knowing we’re here to help. We don’t employee sales people who provide high pressure consults and scare their consults into hiring. We are honest, patient, will treat you just like a friend or family member.