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How Do I Get My Warrant Quashed?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Firm News

We receive calls all the time asking about the process of getting a warrant quashed. Usually, people either missed their first court date due to work or school; they didn’t know anything about their case; or it’s been on the back burner, and they are now deciding to address the issue. Most people don’t know that having a warrant typically results in a license suspension.

How To Quash A Warrant

If we have a client with an Arizona driver’s license, they will not be able to reinstate their license until the warrant is resolved. Having a suspended license is problematic for numerous reasons, but the largest legal consequence someone may face is if they get arrested for a DUI while their license is suspended, they might be charged with a felony DUI. This is because under Arizona law if a person is arrested for a DUI while their license is suspended for any reason (even if they didn’t know about the suspension), they will be facing a felony. The judge will not care why your license is suspended and you will be facing 4 months in prison.

If you do not have an Arizona license, your home state should be following what’s called the Interstate Motor Vehicle Compact. According to the Compact, anything that happens in one state should have the same effect in another state.

If you don’t have a lawyer, you will have to do a “walk in” at court, asking for the judge to quash your warrant. I would never suggest a person do this. If you show up to court, you will be at the mercy of the judge. You could be taken into custody and make matters significantly worse. Trying to handle a warrant without a lawyer is a mistake.

Our lawyers can have your warrant quashed without you having to appear before a judge.  When you hire our office, we’ll make the process of quashing your warrant easy. On the first day we’re hired, we’ll file a Motion to Quash. It will take the court about two weeks to rule on our motion. Once the motion is granted, your warrant will be quashed and we’ll receive a new set of court dates. Once we have the new court dates, your case will be handled just like any other criminal defense case. This means we will investigate, file any necessary motions to have charges dismissed or negotiate reductions.

If your warrant is suspending your license or preventing you from furthering your career or education, it’s time to get it resolved. Let’s work together to put your case behind you and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.