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How To Get Your License Back After A DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Firm News

There are short time limitations on getting your license back after a DUI.  In Arizona, on the 16th day following your DUI incident, your license will automatically be suspended for either 90 days or one year.  If you consent to the blood draw or breathalyzer, it will be for 90 days. If you did not consent, and the police officer had to get a warrant to draw your blood, your license will be suspended for one year.

Driver’s License Suspension After DUI

The only way to prevent incurring a suspension is to have an attorney request a hearing with the motor vehicle division. Although it’s possible to request the hearing yourself, we tell people to be careful about this. We routinely take calls from people who tried requesting their own hearing but receive a letter from the MVD letting them know their license got suspended. This is because they never received a confirmation that the MVD received their hearing request. When you hire our office, we have direct contact with the MVD and will receive confirmation that our hearing request has been processed.

The MVD has become more complicated since COVID.  Believe it or not, most DUI law firms refuse to help their clients with the suspension process. We believe the only way to effectively represent clients for their DUI case is to also assist their license suspension.

Once we request a hearing, you can continue driving, even after the 15th day following your arrest or incident.  In about  2-3 months following our request, a hearing will be scheduled. The hearing will take place at the MVD hearing office located in Central Phoenix. Our clients will not have to attend this hearing, we handle everything for them.  Ideally, we can get the license suspension overturned. In the event we are unable to, we help our clients obtain a restricted license so they can still travel to and from work and school.

If you have been arrested or cited for a DUI, hiring a lawyer within 15 days is extremely important.  Unfortunately, if we are not hired within this period, we are unable to request an MVD hearing and your license will automatically be suspended. Even if the officer did not give you a court date, the MVD may still take action on your driver’s license.  We have handled thousands of DUI cases and know exactly how to best handle the MVD and driver’s license consequences. Don’t leave your DUI to chance or take too long to figure out which lawyer to hire. When you call our office, we will give you an immediate plan of action and take immediate steps as soon as we are hired.