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Some Firms Charge $7,500 For A Dui!?!? That’s Outrageous

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Firm News

I provided a potential client with a consultation this morning who was quoted $7,500 for their Tempe DUI. I only have one word to describe this quote – OUTRAGEOUS!  I won’t say which firm she met with. I will, however, say that it is extremely common for our office to speak with a potential client who went there and had sticker shock with their quote.  Don’t be fooled by a high-rise office space with expensive art work – everything is smoke and mirrors.  For most DUI’s our fees are half of what our competitors charge. Our fee includes the Motor Vehicle Division, interviewing the officers, combing through evidence and filing pre-trial motions – everything the other law firm does.  We’ve attended the same seminars, go to the same courts, passed the same bar exam. In fact, I challenge you to find another DUI law firm in Phoenix who has more five star reviews than my office.

Point is, when you get arrested for a DUI, you need a lawyer who is going to fight for you at an affordable price.  Don’t be tricked into paying more than you have to. Paying more does not mean you are going to receive better service. I will put our DUI representation up against any other law firm in Arizona. If you need our help, I promise we will have your back.