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Scottsdale 19-19a Ticket – Now What?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Firm News

Understanding why Scottsdale issues tickets for Urinating in Public like candy is beyond me. I’ve been practicing law since 2010 – in this time, I have literally represented hundreds, if not thousands of clients for Urinating in Public in Scottsdale – Scottsdale City Code 19-19A. How can a city who promotes clubbing and bars not provide portable restrooms? When the bars close, where do they expect people to use the restrooms? Of course they’re going to use the restroom in alleyways, in garages, behind bushes, etc.  From where I see it, so long as they are not using the restroom directly in front of people, what difference does it make.  Does it really make sense to charge someone with a misdemeanor for something every single male on the face of the Earth has done. I guarantee each one of the hypocritical Scottsdale Police Officers who issue these citations have done it.  The only difference is, if they were to get caught, they would pull the “help a fellow police officer” card.

The bad news is you’re in this situation. The good news is, we can help.  We only charge $1,500 for Scottsdale Urinating in Public cases. If you’re paying more than that, you’re wasting your money.  Don’t fall into the trap of a law firm giving you some song and dance to justify their fee. We are straight to the point, and most importantly honest.  We have handled so many Scottsdale UIP cases that we’ve been able to simplify the process for our clients.  If you want to learn how we can help you from being convicted of this embarrassing charge, call us for a free consultation. We’ll get started the same day we’re hired and in most cases, will be able to resolve your case in 60-90 days.