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Choosing The Best Scottsdale DUI Lawyer

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Firm News

Over the years, our attorneys have represented thousands of clients for their DUI cases. Not only have we represented this many clients, we have probably provided tens of thousands of free DUI consultations. People call our office for various reason, some want to hire a lawyer right away and some are not interested in hiring a lawyer, they just want free legal advice. Regardless of why you are contacting us, we will take the time to listen to you and provide fair advice on how you should best handle your case. In my opinion, one of the many nice things about contacting my law firm is, we do not pressure callers into coming to our office for a sales pitch. Most of my competitors will insist that potential clients meet them at their office and they will engage a high pressure sales pitch and will do everything in their power to get clients to pay.  My belief is this, we are lawyers, we don’t sell used cars.  I want to provide free advice and ensure everyone who calls my office is well informed of the process, regardless of whether they hire.  While most of our consultations are done over the phone, if you would like to meet at our office, we would be more than happy to have you.

The first question I would ask the lawyer you are meeting with is how often are they at Scottsdale Court.  I wouldn’t recommend hiring a lawyer who is only periodically there. Our office is at Scottsdale Court every day.  We don’t dabble in Scottsdale case.  Second, I would ask about their support staff. Do they have a receptionist or a paralegal, how many do they have? If they don’t have support staff, or you get the feeling they only have an answering service, this may not be the best lawyer at providing customer service. We have a full team of receptionists, paralegals, law clerks and attorneys.  Our law firm’s number one priority is to provide clients with a level of experience that exceeds all other firms in Arizona.

I would grill the attorney about their knowledge of DUIs. Can they tell you about field sobriety tests, what do they know about calibration records, are they familiar with complex DUI subjects like gas chromatography?  Finally, and I would consider this to be a deal breaker when choosing a lawyer, does their representation include helping with the Motor Vehicle Division?  Even as an attorney, the MVD is extremely complicated. I would only hire a lawyer who will help you avoid a license suspension.

We charge a very reasonable flat fee, offer affordable payments plans and assist our clients with handling MVD hearings.