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Attorney For Arizona State University Students

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Firm News

This morning, our office received multiple phone calls from Arizona State University Students, as well as parents, about their underage drinking cases.  As I write this, school has been in session for about 3 weeks.  Students are getting a little more comfortable with their surroundings, making new friends, and enjoying their new sense of independence. For everyone who reads this, I want you to know, good kids make mistakes.  Just because you or your child have received a citation from the police, doesn’t mean your life is ruined, and doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Since the advent of college, student have engaged in drinking activities.

With our office being 3 miles from ASU campus, we have represented thousands of students for minor in consumption of alcohol, minor in possession of alcohol, and possession of fake ID.  Some of the more common courts for our ASU students are Tempe Court, Scottsdale Court and University Lakes Justice Court.  If you’re unsure which court you’re in, here’s a general rule of thumb: if you’re cited by Tempe Police, your case will be at Tempe Court. If you’re cited by Scottsdale Police, your case will be at Scottsdale Court. If you’re cited by ASU PD, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office or Arizona Department of Liquor, your case will be at the University Lakes Justice Court.

I did a consult this morning with an ASU student who asked if it is necessary to hire a lawyer for a Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge. My advice is always the same – it’s always a smart idea to hire a lawyer. I have been to court thousands of time. I have seen and heard every different scenario relating to these types of offenses.  I know how to get my clients out of difficult situations. I understand how to make the process smooth, convenient and effective.

Our office has 6 lawyers on staff. We are a well organized law firm that has a process in place for these types of cases. If you call around to other multi-lawyer firms, I guarantee they charge more than we do.  I firmly we believe we provide exceptional legal services at the most affordable price.  If you have the financial means, do not try to save a little money by representing yourself. Investing in our law firm is an investment in your future. We share a common goal – we do not want you to have a criminal conviction on your record.