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Scottsdale And Kenya Have The Same Urinating In Public Laws

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Firm News

Kenya just enacted a law that could send someone to jail for up to 6 months if convicted of Urinating in Public.  While serving jail time for a Scottsdale Urinating in Public case is unlikely, being found guilty will mean the conviction will forever stay on your record.  I’ve never been to Kenya, so no clue what it’s like, but I have spent plenty of time in Scottsdale. With all the bars and clubs, not a single bathroom can be found when you’re not in an establishment.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about opening the flood gates after drinking. It’s unrealistic to think people will not have to use the restroom after leaving the bars.  If Scottsdale is going to be so hard on Urinating in Public, they should think about installing port-o-potties.  If no one is around, it’s foreseeable people are going to pee behind dumpsters, in pushes or in alleyways.  Instead of ruining people’s lives and reaping the revenue rewards from people partying in Scottsdale, it would be nice to see a little public accommodations.  For those of you reading this who unfortunately have a case in Scottsdale, make your life easy by calling us to resolve your case. We’ve handles hundreds (maybe even close to a thousand) UIP cases. We’ll make the process easy, quick and ideally prevent you from having a criminal record.  Also, don’t be tricked by some of the other law firms that charge several thousands of dollars for UIP cases. We’ve always and will always charge $1,500. No hidden fees.  Paying any more is a waste of your money.