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Chandler, Arizona School Bus Driver Arrested For DUI

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Firm News

A Chandler, Arizona school bus driver was arrested for DUI while transporting 9 school kids.  The articles I read did not say the reason for the stop, but did say the responding officers conducted field sobriety tests then arrested the bus driver for a DUI.  This is all the information I was able to gather on this incident. Not only will this man absolutely lose his job, he will now be facing 9 counts of Aggravated DUI – each is a class 6 felony.

We represent clients all the time for Class 6 Aggravated DUI felonies for having children under the age of 15 in the car.  The scenario we regularly see is parents going to a friends’ pool party, out to dinner or a sporting event with their kids. They have no intentions of driving drunk, but lost count of the beers they had. Next thing they know, they’re getting pulled over and investigated for a DUI.

Aggravated DUIs not only carry felony convictions, the Maricopa County Superior Court judges will sentence a person to 4 months in prison.  Yes, I said prison. Even if it’s your first DUI, your conviction will require a 4 months in prison. Prison does not have work release and will not allow 2 for 1.  You will serve 4 months of straight time – even if you have no prior criminal history.

This bus driver is running the risk of his judge sentencing him to quite a bit more than 4 months in prison.  Anyone, especially this bus driver, who is charged with an Aggravated DUI, needs a lawyer. I tell clients all the time, not having a criminal history, losing your job, losing your house, etc., is not enough of a reason for the judge to reduce or dismiss your case. The judges hear this all day, every day.  The only way to have your case reduced or dismissed is to hire a lawyer who can identify a legal issue. Legal issues are tricky, an in experienced lawyer or a lawyer who doesn’t care, will not be able to help.

Our attorneys are like Sherlock Holmes when it comes to DUIs. We’ll go through every piece of evidence, carefully and multiple times.  Our attorneys are ready to swoop in and save your life!