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Assault Laws In Scottsdale

Most of the Assault cases in Scottsdale involve either people getting into a fight at or outside of a bar, or involve a domestic dispute.  The term assault could mean many different things. While there is the stereotypical punch, a person could also be charged with assault for shoving, grabbing, spitting, or even swinging at a person but missing.  The law defines Assault as an unwanted touching or placing another person of imminent fear of bodily harm.  The Arizona statute regarding misdemeanors Assaults is found in A.R.S 13-1203.

Because so many people go to Scottsdale Bars and nightclubs, people often make mistakes when drinking alcohol.  As attorneys, we are sorry you are having to go through this situation, but contacting our lawyers to figure out exactly what we can do to stop you from having a criminal conviction may be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

How Can I Tell You What Happened If I Barely Remember That Night?

A: As long as we have your full name and DOB, we can submit initial documents with Scottsdale Court letting them know we are representing you.  We will request the police report and body camera of the event. This will give us all the information we will need to know about the event.

I Wasn’t The Aggressor, Why Am I Being Charged With Assault?

A: Anytime there is a large group, the police officers have a difficult time figuring out what exactly happened. I’m definitely not saying I agree with the police officers. Arresting or citing everyone involved is a lazy way of policing. The courts shouldn’t be left having to figure out who was at fault. Unfortunately, once the police cite or arrest a person, they are now faced with the criminal justice system and will have to prove their innocence in a court of law.

I Was Charged With Domestic Violence, But My Partner Doesn’t Want To Prosecute. Shouldn’t This Case Be Dismissed.

A: Scottsdale Court will not dismiss your case just because the “victim” no longer wants to prosecute. They will subpoena the victim. If the victim doesn’t show up to trial, they will issue a warrant for contempt of court and continue moving forward with your case. This is why Scottsdale is one of the hardest cities on Domestic Violence.

How Many Cases Has Your Office Handled At Scottsdale Court?

A: Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases at Scottsdale Court. We are experienced, aggressive, and truly care about our clients.  If you’re thinking about hiring a law firm, don’t hire a firm where you will just be a number. Our attorneys will sit down to understand your concerns and will develop a defense that is specific to your case. If you hire our law firm, you will not be disappointed.

I’m Extremely Nervous That I’m Going To Be Sentenced To Jail. Can You Help Me?

A: We understand you may be nervous about going to jail if you’re convicted, but trust us, when you hire our lawyers, you will have the peace of mind knowing your case is being handled by an exceptional law team. Although all cases are very different, we are generally able to provide favorable outcomes for our clients.

I’ve Already Left Scottsdale Or I’m Too Busy For An In Person Consultation, How Can I Discuss My Case With You?

A: We make speaking with an attorney incredibly easy. Our consultations are held over the phone. We’ll go over every detail of your case and ensure your questions are answered. If you would like to meet with us, we have a state of the art office where you can sit down with our lawyer and be introduced to our entire support staff. We guarantee you will be impressed.